Legal Cases Part 2: Submit A Letter to the General Secretary and the Prime Minister in 1999

To: Mr. President Jiang Zeming, Minster Zhu Rongji of Chinese Communist Party Central Committee

I might be in jail before I can finish and mail out this letter. While holding a glimpse of hope, I can only pray for the mercy from Buddha. I am not concerning about my own safety, but rather about the fate of our great China and the well-being of the people.
Thus I sincerely plead your reading this letter over.

My name is Wu Ze-heng, I am the founder and honorary chairman of the Life Science Society of China, and the board chairman of the Beijing Hua-zang Consultation center. Guided by my respectful teacher, I followed the laws of Buddha when I was seven, and studied Buddhism and history since then. The spirits and philosophy of Buddhism, such as consciousness, understanding other people, and retrospect of one’s own behavior, are deeply embedded in my mind. I have always hoped to serve my country and save my people. I don’t want to idle my lifetime away, and would like to devote my own life in exchange of a peaceful nation and good livelihood of the people. Inspired by this motivation, I accepted the invitation and went to Beijing in June, 1990, to treat Marshal, Xu Xiang-qian, who was severely ill. To my pleasure, the therapeutic effects were remarkable. I was then invited by the Chinese Qigong Science Research Society for a lecture in the Qin-hua University. The effects of my Qigong were examined for multiple times by general Mr. Zhang Zhen-huan and related specialists. In September, 1990, the Chinese Qigong Science Research Society granted me to be in charge of the scientific clinical experiments about migration of cancer cells, the poliomyelitis and common diseases of the digestive system. I went to Pi county of Jiang-Su Province (now renamed as Pi-zhou city) to carry out indoor tests. Because of the dramatic effects of my therapy, the Hua-zang Heart – Dharma I founded was approved to be the only scientific research Qigong in the country at that time, and popularized in some major universities and institutes.

At that time, good and evil people were mixed up in the Chinese Qigong society. There were some people who intended to crook affluence under the veil of qigong. Even some quacks or charlatans interfused into the qigong society. Additionally, the leaders of the Qigong Science Research Society were administrative cadres, and barely knew anything about Qigong operation. I was concerned about the disorganization of the Qigong society and proposed the reform schemes to the leaders many times, but could not persuade them whatsoever. Having alternative options, I published an article named “Crisis of the Oriental Treasures–Qigong” in “Chinese Traditional Medicine”, listing potential crisis in the qigong society. Thereafter, I resigned the post in the Chinese Qigong Science Research Society because I didn’t want to be associated with some Qigong masters, and established the “China Life Science Society”.At that time, I had only seven dimes on me and went to many places to propagate the Buddhism, give lectures and treat patients. In those days, I ate a bread with some water a day, walked for more than 50 km just to save some money, sold newspapers in Beijing train station and slept on the road. All that I did was just to save some money, so that I could buy some bureaucrats a meal, give them a present, expecting that a non-profit academic institution could be approved to establish. The ultimate purpose of my acts was to avoid unprofessionalization, factionization and superstitionization of the Qigong society, keep the people from being deceived, and the reputation of the government from being impaired, which would result in creating new destabilizing factors. By doing so, I hope that scientists can study and manage Qigong, and promote it to be a healthy science. Having experienced countless difficulties, I gained the support of more that 500 scientists after all with the indomitability and conscience of a Buddhist . The scientists jointly signed a support letter for establishing the Chinese Life Science Society. The proposal passed the academic reasoning by the Chinese Science Association and the national science committee, and the qualification examination by the national ministry of civil affairs. After 4 years, the Chinese Life Science Society was finally approved by the National Ministry of Civil Affairs and established on July 6th, 1994. The establishment ceremony was held in People’s Hall on May 19th. 1995. More than 180 attendees, including the vice committee chairman of the National People’s Congress, Wang Guang-yin, general Yang Chen-wu, specialists and scholars from the Chinese Science Association, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the National Academy of Science, were present in the ceremony.

After the establishment of the China Life Science Society, I left the preparation committee with the loan of 840,000 RMB, and subjected the China Life Science Society to the government in the charge of a famous scientist. The purpose of doing so is to express that I was not establishing the China Life Science Society for profit.

Since the 1990s, I taught theories of Huang-zang Heart Drama in colleges and institutes throughout the country and treated patients. From my personal experiences and understandings, I spent a great deal of time and efforts to establish the theory of “ Harmonious Unification” and to summarize principles of life consciousness, personality perfection, and conduct prescription. The purpose is to exhort the people to benefit other people, and share cares and worries of the homeland, inspiring the people to perfect their conduct for the prosperity of the Chinese nation. The effects are obvious to all, and the departments concerned can verify from students and trainees in any life science societies and Huang-zang Heart Drama. In any occasion, I have been encouraging them to educate themselves and be confident, and to benefit and stabilize the society and the country.

I am doing so because the official standard thoughts are dominant in China, which will inevitably lead to alienation between the people and the government, and accumulation of the depression of the people. Without appropriate solution to these problems, there would be a horrific eruption in the future. The five thousand years of Chinese history are full of blood and tears. As a Chinese descendent who seeks for peace, development and a prosperous country, anybody would not like to see his own country trapped in tribulation. The current belief crisis of the entire people is very disquieting. Among the people I know, including some high-ranking officials, everybody has dissatisfaction toward the society. The formalized political education is not effective to these people with discontent, and may even cause negative effects. If an alternative general philosophy of life that is neither Party discipline nor official standard doctrine is adopted to guide them to perfect personality, prescribe conduct, retrospect the life, and determine the meaning and goal of their lives. They will thus abandon the selfishness and serve the country and the people, which will help implementation of the Party’s policies and laws and orders. My hard work of the past ten years has influenced people everywhere. The group effects of improving life awareness, decreasing the crime rate and maintaining mental and physical health are dramatic. This conclusion can be verified by taking evidence from any Hua Zang Heart Dharma student or from my published books ” Life Ponder”, “Life Science & 21st Century”, “On Heart”, “Dharma Nectar of Hua Zang”, “Zen Bell Alarm”.

My dreams and ideals of serving the people and the country drove me to submit a proposal to the Chinese Community Party Central Committee and State Council, Mr. President Jiang Ze-ming and Minister Zhu Rong-ji on Nov. 20th last year. After then, the Beijing Hua-zang Consultation Center was investigated by National Security Department and Public Security Department almost daily. Several leaders in the Beijing Consultation Center were inquired by institutions mentioned above. They were responsible and repeatedly inquired all the details from the business to the so-called political purpose of the Hua-zang Consultation Center. We had no choice but answered once and again. The closing sentence in my proposal may come true that “Throughout the Chinese history, most of civilians who commented on politics did not have peaceful endings”. Confronting with this ending, I am still inspired by a verse from a poem: “ Fear not the decease, my body and mind are embedded in my mountains and rivers.”

In the view of the alerts and warnings from National Security Department and Public Security Department, to avoid their misunderstanding that Hua-zang Center may have other secrets or political motivations, to be responsible for all students and friends and for survival, I had to initiate the establishment of “Hua-zang Business Co., Ltd.” and regarded serving the society as the direction of development for the company. Meanwhile, we took the natural initiation pattern to prepare and construct a stock company. In the company preparation meeting, I made clear the purpose from the very beginning that our company is going to be devoted to support-the-poor project investment of the remote depressed areas, and to generating employment opportunities for the unemployed. These directions should be the major developmental orientation, while concentrating on development of high-tech and new science and technology. If doing so can avoid arousing suspicion by transferring the culture and consultation business of the Hua-zang Consultation Center into the enterprise entity, the people and the country will be benefited in the following aspects:

1, Develop the market and human resources of the remote depressed areas, and effectively use their raw materials of production resources. This action will provide employment opportunities for the population in depressed areas, and bring about economic income because of production development. Since then, we will improve their living environment and even help them become rich, which will definitely be helpful for the support-the-poor policy of the country.

2, Having certain achievements and experiences, our enterprise will initiate and encourage the involvement of other enterprises in this kind of projects. If possible, we will establish a support-the-poor foundation, with all the income and contribution being used in support-the-poor projects.

3, Pioneer and encourage the ethos to help each other and become rich together. Any social problems could not be completely solved by policies and the government merely. Forming the ideology of common fate, unification and helping each other for the whole society will solve various social problems completely.

4, Our enterprise is the first one established by all natural initiators in China. If this mode is working, the government may encourage concentrating the free social capital for development through legislation, promoting the reproduction of the resources. That is to encourage concentrating individual’s limited capital, and consign a trustable person to invest and manage, the government supervising through legislature. This pattern will provide a balance platform for the current resource monopoly by groups, and the unbalanced values of labor and capital, avoiding the extreme disparity between the poor and the rich and increase of the unemployment population which would result in imbalance of the society. The nongovernmental business will definitely dominate in the 21st century’s market economy. Thus this pattern is worthwhile to explore.

My original intention of initiating the establishment of a stock company is described as above.

During the intense preparation of the company, the Tai-yuan of Shan-xi Province, Fu-shun of Liao-ning Province, Tian-chan of Jiang-su Province involved in initiating the Hua-zang Business Co., Ltd. has been sealed up on governmental orders by the local Public Security Department. Three members of the preparation committee have been put into detention on June 20th and June 29th, 1999, respectively. The reasons of detention are illegal fund raising and stock issuing. During the sealing and detention periods, the local initiators jointly signed and delivered the proposal to their provincial and city cadres, demonstrating that every one of them was willing to contribute shares as an initiator to establish the company. There were no illegal fund raising and stock issuing. The money paid for shares was all deposited into the account of “Hua-zang Business Co., Ltd. (Prep)” with the Beijing Guang-da bank located in Chao Yang District. All the money paid for the shares will be used as the registration seed capital of the company. Meanwhile, the Hua-zang Business Co., Ltd passed the title examination by the General Industrial and Commercial Bureau on June 29th.

When we (the preparation committee of the Hua-zang Business Co., Ltd.) knew the conditions happened in areas mentioned above, we attempted by all means to explain the situation to local police, and plead for verification of the real conditions and release of detained members of the preparation committee. The first branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau froze the account of the “Hua-zang Business Co., Ltd (prep)” with the Guang-da Bank, and all the money paid for shares from more than a thousand families with a total amount of 19,000,000 RMB.

Therefore, this is not only a problem of the law enforcement in some aspects. The involvement of Beijing Public Security Bureau indicates that the jurisdiction of our country may have problems too. Was it wrong that the Company Law of our country has problems? Was it wrong that we initiated a stock company? Or is there any fabricated problem? No legal evidence could be found in the operation of the government actions. This is not a trivial issue, and it involves the survival space of the people, the economical policies of the country, laws and regulations of the company and justice. I hereby sincerely hope Mr. President Jiang Ze-ming and Minister Zhu Rong-ji of Chinese Community Party Central Committee should discriminate between the right from wrong.

Now that these things have happened, no matter it was right or wrong, I only hope you departments concerned will close this “case” as soon as possible, so that the retained members of the preparation committee do not stay in the prison any longer. All, if any, the faults belong to me. They are innocent and just implicated by me. I am willing to take full responsibilities.

If this letter can be delivered, I am not concerning my personal life or death. I sincerely hope organizations concerned can publicize what I and Hua-zang have done now or at a time they think appropriate without any fabrication, so that I will not be harshly denounced by the people. This is my only wish!


Beijing Hua Zang Concultion Center

Wu Zeheng

July 9,1999

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