Achieving Salvation of Mankind through Self-Redemption

Since the begining of time, the form and quality of the existence of life are intimately interwoven with and inseparably interdependent on the Time and Space in which life exists. The form and quality of life is determined by the ecology of Time of Space.  Since life comes to existence in the ecology of Time and Space, the form of existence fundamentally affects the ecology of Time and Space, and in consequence, it affects the quality of being. They are in a relationship of “mutual cause and effect”. That is to say, the very form of existence affects the very course of Time and Space.

Of all the different forms of life that exist in the earth’s ecosystem, humankind is the principal form. As a result of this fact, Humankind’s behavior and life style exert a major effect on the earth’s environment – it’s ecosphere – which consequently affects Time and Space, the earth’s environment, and the conditions we all must endure. Therefore, Humankind determines the ecology of the earth and vice versa.

Deterioration of today’s natural environment has resulted in endless natural disasters! Humankind ceaselessly kills animals because of its greed. Accordingly, this has resulted in an unbalance of the environment and has also caused unbalance of the biological chain. As a result, plagues continuously break out and pathogenic bacteria mutate. Endless deforestation has brought disasters related to loss of topsoil and flora, and has thrown plant ecology into disorder.The unrestrained exploitation of mineral resources has resulted in the unbalance of geological structures which result in frequent related catastrophes. The unrestrained exploitation of mineral resources has resulted in the unbalance of geological structures, which further induces frequent geological catastrophes. Humankind’s excessive pursuit of a so-called “high-standard of living” has resulted in massive industrial waste emissions and brought about global warming and meteorological disasters. Since we entered the 21st Century, numerous natural disasters, including tsunami, earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, forest fire, drought, floods, climate change and mutation of pathogenic bacteria have heavily damaged the earth we live in. The natural environment is severely deteriorating. Humankind is accelerating the pace of the Earth’s destruction !!!

Nowadays the deterioration of the environment has opened the door to endless man-made disasters. The extreme selfishness of humankind has created disequilibrium in the relationship between nations, who are supposed to be interdependent.

People have no faith in each other. They lie, cheat, and steal from each other in order to maximize personal benefits for selfish gain. They don’t hesitate to betray their souls and dignity, cheat others, violate the law and commit crimes. They even trample on others’ dignity and lives in disregard of moral principles; all in the pursuit of profit and the resources to perpetuate their decadent life styles. For them, the presence of money and material benefits is all-important. There is nothing left of their dignity as a human beings.

By participating in this hostile competition, humankind is speeding up the process of self-destruction.

Will humankind continue to exist or perish?

The only hope lies in individual self-redemption!!!

You are the only one that can determine your own fate – not any God or Buddha.

If you have an open-minded attitude toward life with a lofty heart and cherish what you have with gratitude, you will certainly keep illness away and live a long life.  The quality of your life will improve to its best.

When you are true and honest with others, you will live a happy family life and build harmonious interpersonal relationships with all your neighbours and the people around you.

When your body and mind are in harmony , every form of life (including animals, plants and micro-organisms) will fall into its right place and share the cycle of life.

If you cherish the natural environment, you can certainly follow the laws of nature in order to perfect your life and do your best to assist in rebalancing the environment.

If people truly follow the laws of life, and are self-disciplined and self-respecting, it will in turn reduce or even prevent disputes and chaos that could cause wars.

Eventually, mankind can avoid its self-destruction.

What kind of life style does humanity really need? These are serious questions we must face!

Let us redeem ourselves to redeem mankind !!!

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