Supplementary Information on Arcanum of Fasting (2010-10-28)

                                                                His Holiness Vairocana Xing-Wu

                                                                        (2010-10-28 23:22:53)

1. The first two days is the crucial period for detoxication during fasting. During these two days, you should drink more warm water to clean the digestive system, and do not eat anything except for a few fresh or dry jujubes.

2. The period from the third to the sixth day is the lifting up phase of the mind and spirit. Because the impurities inside the body have been removed in the first three days, the blood and Qi become very pure and clean, the primary function of the soul recovers. A Zen Dharma practitioner can attain Dhyana – samadhi, when he/she meditates during this period. If a secular person can calm the mind and purify the thoughts, he/she can improve telepathy, spirituality, as well as memory.
For a secular person , toxins will be eliminated from the body, and the soul has already recovered after the three days of fasting. Therefore, he/she can break fasting and start to eat on the fourth day. To keep the body and mind cleaner and attain longevity, he/she should fast once a month. The most important precaution, men and women must abstain from sex during the fasting period, otherwise all effort will become in vain.

3. The period from the seventh to ninth day of fasting is the self-healing process of the body and mind. People who suffer from diseases can get their biological functions self-repaired. The Dharma practitioners will acquire deeper enlightenment.

4. An Ordinary person should not fast for more than 9 days. Because on the 9th day, the soul reaches the end of the Realm of Sensuous Desire, and will enter the Realm of Form.This is dangerous, without the protection and help of a Guru, as the soul will get lost on its way and not find its way back. The exception for fasting over 9 days is the secluded meditation, when the Dharma practitioner is supervised and protected by his/her Guru.

5. During the period of fasting, you must regulate your body and mind according to the “Arcanum of Fasting” three times (morning, noon and evening) per day. Apart from the disciples of the Hua Zang Dharmaparyya, practitioners from other Dharmaparyyas and ordinary people can drink as much water as they need and eat some fruits, can also break fasting halfway through. But on the day they start to eat, he/she must take light food not fish and meat.

6. The Hua Zang Dharma practitioners should enter deep meditation and bestow his merits on sentient beings, and donate the savings from fasting to compatriots in difficulty.

Xin Wu ( Mr.Wu Ze Heng, His Holiness the Vairocana Xing Wu ) has stated the benefits of fasting. HE would like to invite all kind people to take part in “Fasting for Charity” to appreciate what we have, and help ourselves through helping others.

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